Why is a consultation so important? 

Here at Salon Blue I offer a free colour and/or cut consultation. I do this because I believe that listening and understanding my customers is fundamentally the most important thing when offering a cutting or colouring service.

For me, carrying out a consultation, whether it be on an existing customer or someone who is coming to me for the first time, gives me the chance to show and assure my client that they are in capable hands. If said customer hasn’t been to me before, I believe this is my opportunity to put them at ease and make them feel welcome for their time at the salon. Communication is key to putting customers at ease and your consultation will allow me to understand both what you want to achieve, and what to expect during the service you are booked/booking in for. During my career in hairdressing I have learnt that every client is different. Therefore your consultation is the perfect way for you to express your requirements and expectations while at the salon. If we as stylists have a firm understanding of your needs, it becomes a lot easier for us to make recommendations that we believe will leave you feeling happy and content with your salon experience. I want you to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible during your Salon Blue experience! 

So, what should you expect during a consultation? Don’t worry, it won’t be technical terms and big words that you don’t understand. A colour and or/cut consultation will last around 15 to 20 minutes, and during this time we will discuss several things. Firstly we will discuss what you are hoping to achieve with your hair, do you want to keep something similar to what you already have or are you thinking of a complete change? We will talk about what colours and styles appeal to you, which you may not be confident enough to suggest for your own hair, that could however be incorporated in a way that you feel comfortable with. At this stage we can look at pictures you may have bought with you, and any other visual material such as colour charts and magazines. Pictures are a brilliant idea when coming to a consultation as sometimes it may be difficult to explain exactly what you mean. We will talk about your current hair care routine and how you can improve this to help you reach your hair goals and requirements. 

During this time it will give me the opportunity to analyse your hair and scalp type, skin colour and complection, get to know your personality and style requirements and also understand your lifestyle. All of these factors will contribute to your end result, and will help us come to a decision that suits you and your hair! 

Finally, a consultation provides us with the chance to carry out any tests that may need carrying out. E.g. Skin test.

(All new customers must have a skin test atleast 48 hours before any colour service, and every 3 months thereon)

I hope this has helped you to understand the importance of consultations. If you would like to book in at the salon please feel free to call us, and myself or one of the team will be happy to help.

Lots of love and sparkle 

Emily xxx

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  1. Faye Jones says:

    When I first went to Salon Blue I had been given a terrible cut and colour from a previous salon, Emily had managed to fix it perfectly and instantly got the colour and cut I had discussed that I wanted and was told by the other salon was unachievable. Thanks guys x

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