Winter Hair Care Tips.

This afternoon at the salon, I had a conversation with a regular client who was concerned about her dry and flaking scalp. She couldn’t understand why all of a sudden it was feeling dry and starting to flake. We discussed several reasons as to why this could be happening..

  • Change of shampoo & conditioner
  • Use of any new products 
  • Excessive amounts of hairspray or any other styling products
  • Whether or not the client had previously suffered with psoriasis or eczema 
  • Stress levels

My client couldn’t relate to any of the above, which brings me on to writing this blog. Rain, snow and icy conditions can, and will play a huge part in the condition of your hair and scalp. When it’s really cold out side and overheated inside it can cause hair to be dry, brittle and frizzy. The bad weather can also cause havoc with your scalp too! 

Fear not! There are several things you can do to keep your locks looking and feeling healthy:

  1. Shampoo and conditioner. It is essential to invest in a moisturising shampoo and conditioner to add extra moisture to your hair during the winter months. I can highly recommend L’Oréal professionnel serie expert nutrifier shampoo and conditioner. Or if you want something even more intense I recommend serie expert ‘absolut repair’ shampoo and conditioner. You can purchase these at the salon for £11.99/£12.99.
  2. Hair mask. Including a hair mask in to your weekly hair care routine will  target the areas that your hair is damaged. It will leave your hair feeling easier to manage and extra nourished. Top tip – Leave it in over night if you can. Towel dry your hair first to get rid of any excess water. I recommend any on the L’Oréal professionnel masques (colour, nutrifier, repair) available at the salon for £13.99.
  3. Oil or serum. Oils and serums are a great product to use during cold spells as they add moisture instantly. Using a good quality oil will also add nutrients to your scalp, preventing dry, itchy and flaky scalp. Make sure you don’t use anything to heavy for your hair type as this will weigh your hair down and could cause it to look greasy. I recommend Moroccan Oil. It is for all hair types but is also available in a ‘light’ version for fine hair. Available at the salon for £31.95.
  4. Take extra care when blow drying. During the winter months we tend to use heated appliances more. Too much heat on the hair can cause further moisture loss, so by adding a little extra effort into your blow dry, it will cut down the amount of times you will apply heat to your hair. Treat yourself to a blowdry at Salon Blue for as little as £13.00.
  5. Heat protecter. If you do use heated appliances frequently, the best way to keep your hair in the best shape is to use a good quality heat protect spray. I recommend Vitamino Colour A OX Color 10 in 1. It has 10 instant benefits including heat protection up to 230 degrees, detangling and anti-breakage. Available at the salon for £13.99
  6. Regular trims. Trimming your hair regularly is essential to maintaining healthy and well nourished hair. Regular trims will get rid of dry and split ends. Visit Salon Blue for a trim for as little as £15.00.

Other things to consider are:

  • The temperature of the water when washing your hair
  • Products containing a high amount of sulphate or alcohol. These ingredients tend to leave hair looking dull
  • Consider a medicated shampoo if your scalp continues to feel dry and flakes. 
  • Your diet plays a big part in the condition of your hair. Eat healthily and stay hydrated! 
  • Wear a hat in extreme conditions

All of the above will help you keep healthy and beautiful looking locks. 


Lots of love and sparkle 

Emily xxx

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