Why hair condition is my NO.1 priority. 💙

Hey all!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you will know that I am SUPER passionate about hair condition, and following a home maintenance routine at home.

I pride myself on using the very best products on the market, to ensure my clients will only ever leave the salon with strong, healthy and glossy hair!

You may be wondering why? Why am I so passionate about this? It’s simple! No matter what you do to the hair, whether it be a fantastic cut, or a first class balayage, it will not look it’s very best without the hair being in prime condition.

Take my recent client, Jo, for example:

The only difference between these 2 pictures is an intense Olaplex treatment, and getting rid of as much dead as we could, without comprising the length.

The following week, Jo returned for her colour which was just a subtle change, adding some natural low lights to give the hair a break without leaving a nasty regrowth. We also repeated the Olaplex treatment to continue to support the hairs bond restructuring and strengthening.

Now, take a minute to imagine what this colour would have looked like had I not been interested in fixing the condition, and taking every precaution I could to make sure no further damage was caused.

When your hair cuticle is damaged, it can either absorb the colour extremely fast, creating flat, dark tones OR, it will not receive the colour at all, and can be patchy and ‘wishy-washy’.

I am extremely passionate about my work, and want you to be extremely happy with your hair.

This also leads me nicely on to the fact that any colour change you wish to embark on, will ALWAYS be a journey at salon blue. We WILL NOT push your hair past it’s boundaries, just to create an ‘Instagramable’ picture. And we will never over promise just to get your business, as we know this can often end in disappointment and damaged hair.

HOWEVER, what we will do is make a plan of action with you, we will commit ourselves to you, and we will work closely with you, to ensure that you can embrace every part of your hair journey, whilst keeping it healthy and strong!

To any hairdressers reading this…

Now, hairdressers may be reading this in sheer panic thinking ‘well what if my client thinks I’m not capable of doing my job properly because I can’t get them from black to blonde in one sitting’ we’ve all been there! But if like me, you will have put many years of practice in to your job, and remember you are the expert!

On occasions I have lost clients because they don’t want to have several appointments to get them to their target shade, or because they’re not willing to push their appointment back a week or 2 to make time or pay for a couple of treatments, to ensure their hair is strong enough to withstand the colour that they so desperately want. However, my business and clients mean way more to me than just making a few £££ to create something I’m not happy with. And guess what, more often than not, they don’t return, or aren’t loyal because you haven’t gained their trust, and actually haven’t created their dream hair in one sitting, because it was impossible.

Please listen to your hairdressers, we have trained for many years to bring you this knowledge. And we want you to be as proud of your hair as we are!

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Thanks for reading,

Emily xxx

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